My Experience from BS to MS Student

这是篇英语作文,我今天交上去的,拿来blog里充数。好久没更新,不算上篇的话。因为那是个失误,本想新建个页面的,结果建成了post,WP又说我没有权限删它,就撩在哪里了。就这么草率打扫的blog,居然她的Google PR还到了4,比RSS相关的3都要高。




Time flies fast. What an old-fashioned beginning! But really it is.

It’s a whole year since I came to Guangzhou for the interview. I have to say life changes hugely in this year. I haven’t imagined that I would be mentioned with “the ocean” together, however, it happened actually. “What you choose then what you afford” is quite a wonderful belief. So there is no complaint. Fortunately, I’ve found the Physical Oceanography interesting.

During the undergraduate state when I studied in Huazhong University of Science & Technology my major is physics. It’s one of those mystery subjects in natural science and this major of mine is also the dominate reason why I finally come across the field of physical oceanography. But I have to admit that I havn’t spent enough time on learning my major courses. In other words, something else leading a more colorful life cost me a lot of time. At the very start, exactly when I was a sophomore I became a reporter working for my department and wrote news whenever there was an activity. It was a busy life those days especially when the celebrations for the World Physics Year was held. But the experience is quite memorable because of the special particularities of these activities. After I finished performing a journalist role, I dramatically focused my eyes on the internet when I was a junior. Do not just imagine that I was playing internet games day after day. Actually, I found the internet is a tool as useful and important as English. We can access plenty of sites and receive different sounds via the internet. As a result, I became interested in various web applications and I was used to acquiring information from the internet. Furthermore, I almost devoted myself to blog during my spare time and believed that blogging is a kind of life style. It doesn’t look like university life, does it? That’s because the university provides quite free environment which we can lead an independent life in. You need to be responsible to yourself and learn to manage time to balance your study and hobbies. In my opinion everyone will agree that the life in the university is a golden period in your life.

After I compare nowadays to the past, I have said that the life is changing hugely due to the conclusion that I find. The main element in our daily life is academic research now. The entertainment is much less additionally. But in March I chose to make my graduation project in South China Sea Institute of Oceanology where I pursue my MS degree. One reason I considered was that I could force myself to adapt to these changes. Then after I graduated from HUST and got the Bachelor Degree, It’s easy for me to start my MS Life in new environment. The fact proves that my decision is quite correct.

New life starts just like the sun rises in the east. Why not go further ahead?




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